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Automobile enthusiasm has been a hallmark of our society for over a century. The car is the manifestation of personal freedom in our society.


But the truth is that the world’s car culture has been diminishing for several decades now1 with most research showing that millennials and postmillennials are less emotionally involved with their cars than their generational predecessors.2 In fact, research shows that this generation is much more interested in this-

Than they are in this-

Ferrari 330 P4 47

Once we no longer own cars and no longer feel emotionally attached to them that will be the final blow for automotive enthusiasm. America’s car culture has been a defining aspect of Americanism for a hundred years but it’s eventually going to become a provincial hobby for the wealthy, like horse enthusiasm is today. Owning and working on cars will become an anachronism until eventually it will be illegal to drive a human controlled car on a public road.

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I'm a lifelong car addict, science nerd, sci-fi geek, and general automotive and everything mechanical enthusiast. I have twenty years of experience as a graphic & industrial designer, project manager and business owner & founder. I am also an entrepreneur who grew two businesses from start up to over $5M in value through superior organizational skills, effective personnel management and original creative thinking.