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We’ve learned in the previous section that this is how people are using cars in America. Seventy-five percent of people are driving by themselves with just a personal bag.

usage case vs. current build case 75 initial

We have a vehicle that’s energy appropriate to handle carrying a single passenger-it’s called a motorcycle.

usage case vs. current build case 75

But if we compare the usage chart to the purchasing chart, 5 passenger vehicles are almost 98% of the sales market and motorcycles constitute less than 2.5% percent of sales. How could our purchasing be so far off our usage? Why aren’t motorcycles more popular?

Motorcycle Rainy

Well, I think we all know why. Nobody wants to travel to work in a seventy mph slipstream, having to wear a helmet while getting rained on every time the skies open up. Not to mention that if a car so much as nudges a motorcycle on the freeway, the rider’s life is over. So it’s not a surprise that more people don’t buy motorcycles. But what if there were a single passenger vehicle that had all the energy and convenience advantages of the motorcycle, but didn’t have the shortcomings I just mentioned? What if you could use a new automotive architecture that doesn’t exist in mass produced form right now? What if, rather than a motorcycle, you could use a vehicle that looked like this?

Tricycle hero shot final2

Find out in the next section why this platform will become the most ubiquitous vehicle in the history of transportation once humanity switches over to The Mobility Cloud.

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