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Autonomous vehicles will accomplish the following.

    • Save 33,000 lives in America every year1 and prevent 2.5 million injuries.2
    • Save 1.3 million lives internationally3, 600k of whom are innocent pedestrians that are just in the wrong place at the wrong time.
    • Free up almost 3 trillion dollars of disposable income to American consumers.4
    • Save Americans 75 billion hours of time.5
    • Although autonomous vehicles will gradually destroy 7.5 million jobs just in America6 in their first few decades, if history is any guide, they will ultimately create even more new jobs than that.

Bergerson Design Work and Portfolio:
I'm a lifelong car addict, science nerd, sci-fi geek, and general automotive and everything mechanical enthusiast. I have twenty years of experience as a graphic & industrial designer, project manager and business owner & founder. I am also an entrepreneur who grew two businesses from start up to over $5M in value through superior organizational skills, effective personnel management and original creative thinking.