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We’ve learned that 75% of all driving is done alone with just a personal bag and everyone will be using cars in a short term, a la carte fashion in The Mobility Cloud. This means there’s no longer any need to be using a 5000 pound, 5 passenger vehicle to drive twenty minutes to work. Especially when at the conclusion of the journey, the user will just exit the vehicle and the autonomous vehicle will go on to pick up another fare. If vehicle architecture can now reflect how people actually use cars rather than having to accommodate 99% of all activities that a consumer might use their car for over the course of a year, then a vehicle like what’s pictured below is the appropriate platform to handle all the solo driving in the world.

Tricycle hero shot final

In this vehicle, this Cabin Commuter, the occupant would be

    • safely ensconced inside a structural monocoque, protected from neighboring cars
    • sitting in climate controlled comfort listening to their favorite news program or music
    • able to drink their coffee comfortably while traveling to work
    • not required to wear a helmet in states that require motorcycle helmets
    • able to stay dry when it rained
    • able to split lanes and still get home 40% faster than they could in a conventional car in any traffic congested area

Now, specifically, this Cabin Commuter is a three wheeled vehicle so it’s legally a motorcycle, which relieves it of about 80% of the regulation to which motor vehicles are currently subject. Here are a few more features of its design.

    • It has two wheels in front for better dynamic stability than conventional trikes.
    • It’s very narrow and consequently it leans to remain dynamically stable while cornering.
    • The seating position is exactly the same as it is in any full size car.
    • The driver’s experience is as car-like as possible. There are no motorcycle interface or controls anywhere in the vehicle.

This is the vehicle that’s going to inherit the industrialized and developing world once humanity starts using the The Mobility Cloud. There have been many previous concepts that point the way to this solution, but as explained in the next section, none of the previous efforts have been quite right.

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